This blog documents the adventures of a husband & wife team who like to split our time outside of work exploring the outdoors and historical sites. Most of our adventures currently take place in Arizona & Washington.  We are (mostly) weekend adventurers as we both work full time (and enjoy what we do)!


If you have any suggestions of places you think we’d enjoy exploring, please feel free to use our contact page to send us a message! Or you can opt to network with us!

If you would like to use any of our photos for a project, please Contact Us.

What are Leonids?
A constellation of stars representing the Greek Goddess Atalanta (famed for her love of adventure, running & happiness) & her husband Hippomenes. Zeus, impressed by the story of their love, turned the lovers into a constellation of stars (the Leonids) where they took the form of lions racing joyfully, side by side, throughout eternity.

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