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Flagstaff Extreme Adventure

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure has been on my To Do list for some time and so to celebrate my getting older this past weekend, we spent 3 hours climbing their elevated obstacle courses in the trees.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure obstacle course, Arizona, AZ
The green course, where everyone starts off to learn the rules.

Besides the landing areas (see square base around tree in front of me), nearly every single obstacle sways and swings… so generally anyone trying to cross looks horribly inebriated.

Graceful butterfly… Not inebriated.

Two are allowed on the bridge courses. And you’re allowed to knock them off…. I nearly knocked my husband off on this one! HAR HAR HAR! Just pay back you know.

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure obstacle course, Arizona, AZ

Going up the red course. We agreed that the worst part is going up the ladders. Your arms get so tired from holding on & hooking harnesses.

Husband went fast on this one… & so I though I could too. But I forgot how much shorter my legs are… My shins connected quite loudly with the wood.

Right before the course I like to call The Rings of Regret.

They say to get through the obstacles you should use your legs, but my arms were too busy clinging for dear life to let my legs know. My arms were pooped out crossing this one.

The last zipline… to VICTORY!

Showing off our….

Black Course bands!

There are many more fun obstacles we didn’t take photos of. A rock climbing wall, tarzan swings, tubes, etc. Definitely a fun, adrenaline rush and a good upper body work out!

Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course
Getting There Fort Tuthill Loop Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Hours Varies from 9-9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Reservations required.
Fees 16+: $45 + tax
7-11: $25