Interesting Hotels of Arizona

Arizona is a unique state –from the varied landscape to its inhabitants. The conglomeration of the starkly contrasting people have produced a sometimes wild, oftentimes weird but always interesting result.

Some of these interesting results have produced accommodations that fit right into this weird state:


Wigwam Village Motel, teepees, Holbrook, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Holbrook, AZ – Wigwam Motel actually consists of various teepees however the village’s architect Frank Redford disliked the name “teepee” so instead used “wigwam”. At some point, there were 7 of these hotels in operation across the US. Today, only 3 are still in operation. This particular one in Arizona has been featured on Oprah & several movies.


Best Western Space Age Lodge, Gila Bend, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Gila Bend, AZ – Not only can Arizona boast of the most vivid sunsets you will ever see, we can also boast of having some of the clearest skies. Which is why Arizona is home to dozens of observatories & planetariums, not to mention one of the world’s largest & most powerful telescope at the Mount Graham Observatory. So of course, what would make more sense than a Space Age Lodge? Each guest room is decorated in space-themed decor.


Haunted historical Copper Queen Hotel, Bisbee, AZ Arizona
Bisbee, AZ – Built in 1898, the Copper Queen Hotel is one of Arizona’s longest running hotels. Some guests there have been dead for years but they are still up to their antics. This hotel can also boast of famous guests like Johnny Depp, John McCain, John Wayne & even the former president Teddy Roosevelt. View our stay at the Copper Queen »


Karol's Double K Ranch Train Caboose Bed and Breakfast, Tucson, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Tucson, AZ – Escape to the rails in your own private caboose at the Double K Ranch Train Bed & Breakfast. Situated on a 4-acre ranch, this accommodation is a retreat for railroad enthusiasts, bird watchers, hikers, and cyclists. The Canyon Motel & RV Park in Williams, AZ also offers accommodations in a caboose.


Grand Canyon Caverns Cave Suite Hotel, Route 66, Kingman, Williams, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Peach Springs, AZ – If money is no object, $700 a night for two will reserve a night in… a cave –not King Midas’ bed. They call it the deepest & oldest motel room in the world: the walls are over 65 million years old & it’s 220 feet below the surface.


Grand Canyon Caverns Open Air Hotel and Campground, Route 66, Peach Springs, Williams, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Near Peach Springs, AZ – If sleeping 220 feet below the surface makes you feel slightly claustrophobic, maybe sleeping under the stars is more your thing. Grand Canyon Caverns offers open air “rooms” on a seasonal basis. It’s not much for privacy but you will have a ceiling of a billion stars!


Shady Dell RV Park Motel Hotel, 1947 Tiki Bus, Bisbee, AZ Arizona
Bisbee, AZ – Step back into the era of the ’40’s & ’50’s at the Shady Dell RV Park. From a vintage 1949 Airstream RV, to a 1947 Airporter bus, each accommodation is full of old-school nostalgia. You can even dine at the park’s authentic 1950’s diner.


Historic Hotel Weatherford, Flagstaff, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Flagstaff, AZ – Built in 1897, the Weatherford Hotel has endured many historical milestones & can boast of guests like former president Theodore Roosevelt and the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. With over a century under it’s roof in the wild, wild west, it’s no surprise that ghostly sitings are common at this hotel –from a ghostly woman said to be seen floating across the hotel’s ballroom to a bride & groom whose honeymoon and lives were cut short in Room 54 (now a closet).


haunted historic Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, AZ Arizona
Flagstaff, AZ – If ghost hunting is right up your alley, the Hotel Monte Vista is probably one of your best bets to visit in Arizona. With over 10 resident ghosts & poltergeists, something is bound to happen during your stay.


Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Tucson, AZ – This haunted hotel’s biggest claim to fame is their role in leading to the capture of America’s First Public Enemy #1, John Dillinger. It’s also home to a favorite cowboy watering hole, Club Congress, which was was voted one of the best bars in America by Esquire. View our post on Dillinger Days at Hotel Congress »


  1. Stacy | February 4, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    The cave hotel room looks so fun! Needs a furniture update, but otherwise fascinating.

  2. Jen | February 24, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    Pretty interesting… I don’t think I’d ever EVER stay at the Copper or the Monte Vista. No way! The cavern suite looks like fun. I wonder if it smells fresh in there, or like a cave.

    • admin | February 25, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      Haha! The Copperqueen wasn’t bad when we stayed there. There were a few questionable things but they mostly happened to my husband. I think it’s because I’m spiritually… inept & have never had a… sensitivity to that sort of thing. I don’t think I could stay at the Monte Vista though. Way, way too many ghost sitings for my comfort –if for some reason I did stay there. The lights would have to be on all night!

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