Cedar Grove Mansion

Arkansas-Mississippi Road Trip Part 2 (View Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6)

During our stay in Mississipi, we encamped at the Cedar Grove Mansion for two nights. Normally I don’t blog about accommodations, however this bed and breakfast deserved a post of its own. Construction on this antebellum estate began in 1840 and was completed in 1852 by the self-made businessman John Alexander Klein. He married Elizabeth Bartley Day in 1842 and because of her ties to William Tecumseh Sherman (her uncle), Cedar Grove survived the American Civil War. During the war, Cedar Grove served as a hospital for the Union and a place for General Ulysses S. Grant and several of his soldiers to stay in. Many of the furnishings are original to the house, purchased when the Kleins went on a year long honeymoon in Europe. Considering its turbulent history (it was hit 41 times during the war), the estate is still well and beautifully kept!
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Interesting Hotels of Arizona

Arizona is a unique state –from the varied landscape to its inhabitants. The conglomeration of the starkly contrasting people have produced a sometimes wild, oftentimes weird but always interesting result.

Some of these interesting results have produced accommodations that fit right into this weird state:


Wigwam Village Motel, teepees, Holbrook, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Holbrook, AZ – Wigwam Motel actually consists of various teepees however the village’s architect Frank Redford disliked the name “teepee” so instead used “wigwam”. At some point, there were 7 of these hotels in operation across the US. Today, only 3 are still in operation. This particular one in Arizona has been featured on Oprah & several movies.
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Dillinger Days at Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress has several claims to fame, from wandering ghosts to being dubbed one of the best bars in America, but the event that wrote Hotel Congress into history books occurred on January 22, 1934. It was the day Tucson captured the notorious gangster & bank robber John Dillinger, America’s first Public Enemy #1.
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