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Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

We took a spur of the moment mini road-trip to Sedona over the weekend for a bit of hiking and relaxation. Our first hike was short, about 3.4 miles, to Devil’s Bridge. This is a popular hike and parking is nearly always full during the weekend. This would have been a shorter hike for us if we hadn’t had to park so far away. The trailhead is actually .7 miles away from the bridge & should have been a 1.4 mile round trip hike.

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Finger Rock Trail #42

We’ve always been told that Finger Rock is one of Tucson’s top strenuous trails. We finally hiked it today… and we’re not really sure about what we were told. Reviews online said this trail takes 4-6 hours but we finished it in 3 with breaks & exploring another trail. This brings me to the conclusion that those Oreo cookies we had last night gave us super powers!

Just kidding. Just kidding (tummy ache is more like it)

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