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Picacho Peak… Again

We debated on traveling to Phoenix for a similar hike but because we were dining at my boss’s home later that evening, we decided to stay near by.  The great thing about Picacho is that while it’s a short hike, it’s still intense because most of the way is a steep elevation gain/loss. It makes for an awesome workout.  Luckily we are in great shape.

at the summit of Picacho Peak, Arizona
Atop the summit!

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Butterfly Trail, Mount Lemmon

Feeling a bit homesick for Washington, we decided to spend a bit of time amongst the trees on Mount Lemmon (I know that sounds hippy-ish, but when you go from living in the very luscious, green state of Washington where almost everywhere you look is either an endless ocean or an endless ocean of fir trees to dry, desert-like Arizona… you’ll understand).

Mount Lemmon is always about 20° cooler than the rest of Tucson so we went on an easy 7 mile hike along the Butterfly Trail. Bits of the trail where REALLY dusty but it was surrounded by grass, ferns & green TREES. My calves ended up more brown than usual & my socks were no longer white when we got home.

Mount Lemmon Butterfly Trail Leonids
Can you tell I’ve missed seeing REAL trees?

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Rose Canyon Lake Camping

We were told that people who go camping in Sedona at around this time end up turning into icicles… (20°F/-6°C) so instead of driving 4 hours for frost bite, we decided to stay local & camp on Mount Lemmon.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend of fire, food, games, embarrassing stories & getting in touch with mother nature:

rose lake canyon, mount lemmon, tucson, arizona
Setting up a roof for our heads.

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