Dillinger Days at Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress has several claims to fame, from wandering ghosts to being dubbed one of the best bars in America, but the event that wrote Hotel Congress into history books occurred on January 22, 1934. It was the day Tucson captured the notorious gangster & bank robber John Dillinger, America’s first Public Enemy #1.
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Arizona Renaissance Festival 2012

We did it again! Just like last year, we spent a day at the 2012 Arizona Renaissance Festival, one of the highlights of Florence (the other “highlights” of Florence are the prisons). This time around though, I think we may have been more entertained watching the… er, interesting characters there.

Arizona Renaissance Festival Fair in Florence
Interesting characters leering down at the… other interesting characters coming through the entrance.

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Battle at Picacho Peak: Civil War Re-Enactment

It’s been some time since we’ve been able to get out & have some fun due to time constraints, the flu & injuries but today we managed to make it out to the 150th Anniversary of the Engagement of Picacho Pass.

Yankee Union horse cavalry, Picacho Peak Pass Civil War Re-Enactment in Tucson, AZ
This post is IMAGE HEAVY.

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