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The Old Blacksmith Shop, Gretna Green, Scotland

Gretna Green

A bit like America’s Las Vegas in terms of tying the not, Gretna Green is famous for runaway weddings. In the mid 18th-century, English law declared couples had to be at least 21 to be married without parental consent. Scottish law, however, stated 16 was alright with them. With Gretna Green traditionally being the first village in Scotland near the border, runaway couples would come here, usually with an angry guardian in pursuit.

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London, England

We’ve returned from a pretty epic roadtrip through the United Kingdom. With over a thousand photos taken from driving from one end of the UK to the other, this is going to take a little bit of time to cover. :)

Uk, United Kingdom, England and Scotland roadtrip

Let’s bypass the hairy first night of driving on the other side of the road while sitting on the opposite side of the car. I may have grown a white hair from that experience. We landed around 2:30 PM and ended up at our hotel (next to the Tower of London) around 5:30 PM. The first thing we did after dropping off our luggage was run to the Thames River to look at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
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Mission Tumacácori

Today, the National Park Service turned 97! In honor of their birthday, all national park entrance fees were waived. We took this opportunity to visit the Tumacacori National Historical Park down south near Tubac.

Now known as Mission San José de Tumacácori, it was established in January of 1691 by Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, an Italian nobleman turned Jesuit priest. Mission Tumacácori is the oldest mission site in Arizona. It was originally located on the east side of the Santa Cruz River but after a Pima rebellion in 1751, the mission moved to its present site.

In 1767, King Charles III of Spain, for political reasons, banished the Jesuits from his realms, and placed Franciscans in their stead.
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Historic Jamestowne & Jamestown Settlement

After several hours of driving through traffic on I-95, we found ourselves at the Historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. We were relieved, but I’m sure not as relieved as those that made the 5-month long ocean crossing in 1607. Despite that, I still can’t believe the traffic on I-95, on a weekend!

The location of Jamestown was selected by Captain Edward Maria Wingfield. Chosen because of it’s position as being a prime defensible strategic point, it turned out to be a horrible spot for agriculture and the water too brackish. Times were extremely difficult back then.
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