Historic Jamestowne & Jamestown Settlement

After several hours of driving through traffic on I-95, we found ourselves at the Historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. We were relieved, but I’m sure not as relieved as those that made the 5-month long ocean crossing in 1607. Despite that, I still can’t believe the traffic on I-95, on a weekend!

The location of Jamestown was selected by Captain Edward Maria Wingfield. Chosen because of it’s position as being a prime defensible strategic point, it turned out to be a horrible spot for agriculture and the water too brackish. Times were extremely difficult back then.
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James Monroe Museum & Memorial Library

Fredericksburg is home to a small museum dedicated to James Monroe, last of the Founding Fathers and the 5th President of the United States of America. Considering the large role he played in the American Revolution, it is surprising that this memorial library is so small. One day we will have to make it out to Ash Lawn-Highland in Charlottesville, which was Monroe’s official residence for 24 years.

This particular museum, which is on property that once belonged to Monroe, was opened in the late 1920′s as a place for Monroe’s descendants to house their personal collections that had been handed down. Photography is not allowed inside the museum so here are some of the outside.
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George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate

Husband (the loveable wretch that he is) has managed to flee the brutal summer of Arizona for the 3rd time in a row. This time though, I took a week off to visit him on his DC business trip.

Our first touristy adventure was a stop I’ve been badly wanting to visit since I read George Washington’s biography a few years back: George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate

Leonids in front of President George Washington's Estate, Mount Vernon, Virginia
Can you imagine the people & conversations that took place there during Washington’s time?  It almost felt like walking through sacred ground.  If the walls of his estate could talk….

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