Leonids Adventure

There is no end to the adventures we can have.


What’s better than being miles underground in the dark with the idea that there could be other unknown things lurking where you are? ;]


Coronado Cave, Hereford, AZ CORONADO CAVECoronado National Memorial, Hereford, AZ
Length: 600 feet in length, 20 feet high and 70 feet wide with several crawl ways and passages, none of which is very extensive.
Conditions: Dry, extremely dusty.
Trail to cave: Moderately steep 1/2 mile
Rating: starstarstar
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Peppersauce Cave, Oracle, AZ PEPPERSAUCE CAVESanta Catalina Mountains, Oracle, AZ
Length: Approximately 1 mile mapped.
Conditions: Wet & extremely muddy. Wear old shoes as they will probably be ruined. There are lakes inside that rise & fall depending on snow & rainfall.
Trail to cave: No set parking lot, but plenty of room to park on the sides of the road, making for a very short distance to the cave entrance.
Rating: starstarstar
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Lava River Cave, Flagstaff, AZ LAVA RIVER CAVEFlagstaff, AZ
Length: 1.5 miles
Conditions: Somewhat damp (unless it snows). Always cold, summer time the temperature is an average of 42° F.
Trail to cave: Parking is a short distance from the mouth of the cave. You can’t see the entrance from the parking lot but follow the trail away from the parking lot & you will eventually run into a plaque & the mouth of the cave.
Rating: starstarstar
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La Jolla Sea Caves, San Diego, CA LA JOLLA SEA CAVESan Diego, CA
Length: Super short
Trail to cave: If not kayaking in, you can enter the Sunny Jim Cave through the Cave Store, which is located at 1325 Coast Blvd, La Jolla, CA.
Rating: starstarstarstarstar
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