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I've had an interest in geoscience since I was a child... but I never knew that you could actually DO anything with it for a career. Consequently, I ended up going to school for Visual Communications / Marketing and have been working in that field for over 10 years now. My interest in geoscience was dormant for those years but has recently been reawakened. What am I going to do about this reawakened interest? I'm not sure. I have realized though, that there are a wealth of fields one can go into with that background --geotechnical engineering, geochemist, geophysicist, geological engineer, urban planning, consulting, etc. I'm interested in geospatial intelligence, but before I can delve into that, I need a foundation of knowledge to work on.

This is where this website comes in: I will be posting my learnings, thoughts, etc. here.

A lot of things posted here may be exretemly basic since I've forgotten majority of what I learned in my geo classes in primary & secondary school. But I'm learning! Any extra insight or corrections will be gladly received!

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To many of us, the Earth's crust is a relic of ancient, unknowable history. But to a geologist, stones are richly illustrated narratives, telling gothic tales of cataclysm and reincarnation. For more than four billion years, in beach sand, granite, and garnet schists, the planet has kept a rich and idiosyncratic journal of its past. Fulbright Scholar Marcia Bjornerud takes the reader along on an eye-opening tour of Deep Time, explaining in elegant prose what we see and feel beneath our feet. Containing a glossary and detailed timescale, as well as vivid descriptions and historic accounts, Reading the Rocks is literally a history of the world, for all friends of the Earth.

Author: Marcia Bjornerud