Grand Canyon Camping

Part 1 of our Grand Canyon Camping Roadtrip (View Part 2, Part 3)

For Labor Day weekend, husband & I road tripped to the North Rim Campground in the Grand Canyon for 2 nights of smokey, smelly camping!

The drive up took about 9 hours with stops. It wasn’t too bad but I might only be saying that because I didn’t drive at all. We took husband’s Jeep Wrangler (so aptly nicknamed “the bug killer”) & I can’t drive a manual. I think he bought a manual for that particular purpose…

As soon as we entered the National Park, we saw a bunch of roaming black dots in the distance:

Bison near the entrance of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
What are they???

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Camping Ready

Last week we went into Dick’s Sporting Goods with the intention of finding new hiking shoes for me… we ended up leaving with 2 sleeping bags & a tent for a pretty awesome deal!

Leonids trying out new sleeping bags
Husband poking out of his bag.

We originally had plans to find a camping spot in Sedona (which was part of the reason why we made the trip last week) but camping in Sedona is so popular that people book spots months and months in advance!!  Actually, this applies to most of Arizona.  I had no idea people were that fanatical about camping here…

We ended up booking a few last camping spots in the Grand Canyon, which IMO might be a little more adventurous than Sedona.  Exploring will be a blast unless someone rolls off the rim.  That would uh, definitely bring down the trip…


Rose Canyon Lake Camping

We were told that people who go camping in Sedona at around this time end up turning into icicles… (20°F/-6°C) so instead of driving 4 hours for frost bite, we decided to stay local & camp on Mount Lemmon.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend of fire, food, games, embarrassing stories & getting in touch with mother nature:

rose lake canyon, mount lemmon, tucson, arizona
Setting up a roof for our heads.

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