Red Mountain Trail

This past weekend we had a mini adventure getaway to Flagstaff, where the elevation is higher and the breeze a bit nippy (for southern-Arizonian’s anyway). It was the perfect weather for a hike to Red Mountain!

Red Mountain is the remnant of a volcanic eruption approximately 750,000 years ago, relatively not too long ago (in earth’s terms) and this is evident in the landscape as foliage has not had enough time to grow over. Red Mountain is a bit unique in that it forms a ‘U’ shaped natural amphitheater, as opposed to a full cylindrical cone like most eruptions, allowing exposure of the internal structure of the volcano. Walking through and getting up close to this is like walking onto an epic movie set.
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Interesting Hotels of Arizona

Arizona is a unique state –from the varied landscape to its inhabitants. The conglomeration of the starkly contrasting people have produced a sometimes wild, oftentimes weird but always interesting result.

Some of these interesting results have produced accommodations that fit right into this weird state:


Wigwam Village Motel, teepees, Holbrook, AZ - Weird Hotels of Arizona
Holbrook, AZ – Wigwam Motel actually consists of various teepees however the village’s architect Frank Redford disliked the name “teepee” so instead used “wigwam”. At some point, there were 7 of these hotels in operation across the US. Today, only 3 are still in operation. This particular one in Arizona has been featured on Oprah & several movies.
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Wupatki National Monument

Part 3 of our Grand Canyon Camping Roadtrip (View Part 1, Part 2)

On the way home from our Grand Canyon camping trip, we stopped by the Wupatki National Monument. There are a couple ruin sites. We visited the citadel.

Panorama of Wupatki Citadel ruins near Flaggstaff, AZ
Click on image above to view enlarged panorama.

Leonids at Wupatki Citadel ruins near Flaggstaff, AZ

Wupatki Citadel ruins near Flaggstaff, AZ

Then we were back on the road again.

I think the naming of these signs are connected…. along the way also were Dead Man Wash, Gen Crook.

Horsethief Basin road sign

Bloody Basin Road, AZ

traffic through Flagstaff, AZ
Awful traffic along the freeway home –it added 3 hours on top of our 9 hour drive!

Wupatki National Monument
Getting There 6400 U.S. 89
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Hours 9 AM – 5 PM Daily
Fees $5

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