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Desert View: Mary Colter Watchtower

In the early 1900′s, Mary Colter worked as one of the few women architects in a then male-dominated field. She is now often referred to as the architect of the southwest. She is responsible for several structures in the Grand Canyon, but her signature piece is the Watchtower at Desert View.
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Beautiful Arizona

The Grand Canyon attracts about an average of 5 million visitors per year (specifically the North Rim). If you’ve been there in person, then you know that even the most amazing photograph doesn’t do it justice… it is, quite simply, GRAND.

Grand Canyon North Rim
Grand Canyon, North Rim
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However, the Grand Canyon isn’t the only natural wonder in Arizona that offers spectacular views. Check out these beautiful photos that capture the magnificence of Arizona.

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Grand Canyon Camping

Part 1 of our Grand Canyon Camping Roadtrip (View Part 2, Part 3)

For Labor Day weekend, husband & I road tripped to the North Rim Campground in the Grand Canyon for 2 nights of smokey, smelly camping!

The drive up took about 9 hours with stops. It wasn’t too bad but I might only be saying that because I didn’t drive at all. We took husband’s Jeep Wrangler (so aptly nicknamed “the bug killer”) & I can’t drive a manual. I think he bought a manual for that particular purpose…

As soon as we entered the National Park, we saw a bunch of roaming black dots in the distance:

Bison near the entrance of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
What are they???

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