Cobá Mayan Ruins

(This entry is part 6 of 6 from our vacation in the Western Caribbean & Florida.
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This year, the Maya calendar goes into it’s 14th cycle (b’ak’tun) on December 21st.  It’s also the day Doomsday theorists are trying to cash in on….   So we thought it’d be pertinent to visit the ruins of Cobá while we had the opportunity.

Nohoch Mul, Cobá Mayan ruins pyramid in Quintana Roo, Mexico
In front of Nohoch Mul [View enlarged image]

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Fort Bowie & the Butterfield Trail

After figuring out what exactly The Thing is, we continued towards our original destination: Fort Bowie. Fort Bowie was an Army outpost built in 1864 only to be abandoned 30 years later.

A 3-mile round trip hike is the only access to the ruins. It should have been an easy hike. But just when we were starting to think that we’ve gotten used to Arizona weather, we do something like hike those 3 miles in 93°F (34°C) heat. I don’t think we’ll ever get used to the heat here! And it’s not even the hottest month yet!

Fort Bowie ruins, Chiricahua, Wilcox, AZ
View enlarged panorama

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On a Whim

For this weekend’s spur of the moment adventure, we traveled down historic Route 66, explored the ghost town of Oatman, AZ , shopped in snowy Prescott then hiked to the summit of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix….  we covered a lot of ground in less than 2 days.

wild burros near oatman ghost town, az

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Battle at Picacho Peak: Civil War Re-Enactment

It’s been some time since we’ve been able to get out & have some fun due to time constraints, the flu & injuries but today we managed to make it out to the 150th Anniversary of the Engagement of Picacho Pass.

Yankee Union horse cavalry, Picacho Peak Pass Civil War Re-Enactment in Tucson, AZ
This post is IMAGE HEAVY.

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