Fort Worden

We spent the last few days in Washington state visiting our much missed families. Usually it is cold and raining when we are up there but we were treated to perfect weather! On our 2nd day there, we visited Fort Worden State Park in the beautiful & quaint town of Port Townsend. Fort Worden is 1 of 3 forts built in the 1890′s on the Admiralty Inlet. These 3 forts formed the “Triangle of Fire” to protect against sea invasions. You can see our visit to one of the other forts, Fort Casey, here.

Fort Worden State Park rock, Port Townsend, Washington

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The Thing?

Unless you’re texting & driving, you can’t miss the 10 or so teaser billboards advertising THE THING? along I-10 just past Benson, AZ. The sparse stretch of desert on I-10 East gives you little else to look at.

After loading up on too much coffee, we pulled off for a pit stop at this trading post just off Exit 322. Once inside, we figured we may as well have a look while we were there… For $1/person, we could finally put our curiosity about THE THING? to rest.

The Thing? Exit 322 I-10 Arizona trading post

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National Gallery of Art Highlights

The National Gallery of Art is so vast, you’d need at least 2 days to enjoy it in its entirety. I had 3 hours but I was there 3 years ago & got to view some great pieces then.

The two main pieces I wanted to see were the Capitoline Venus and the Declaration of Independence in stone (which I didn’t get a photo of –I don’t think we were allowed):

Capitoline Venus statue, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Museum

Capitoline Venus statue, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Museum

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National Museum of Natural History

One of my favorite thing about DC is that there are a plethora of free museums all over the district (although… is it really free since they’re funded by our tax dollars?). One of the downsides to it being free though is that it is almost ALWAYS packed with tourists –ourselves included. Despite that, we spent the week visiting various museums. Yesterday we visited the National Portrait Gallery, today the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

triceratops fossil at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in DC

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