Finger Rock Trail #42

We’ve always been told that Finger Rock is one of Tucson’s top strenuous trails. We finally hiked it today… and we’re not really sure about what we were told. Reviews online said this trail takes 4-6 hours but we finished it in 3 with breaks & exploring another trail. This brings me to the conclusion that those Oreo cookies we had last night gave us super powers!

Just kidding. Just kidding (tummy ache is more like it)

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Sky Islands of Mount Lemmon

It’s about that time when all the “snow birds” start flocking out of southern Arizona because the fast rising temperature makes it unbearable to venture outdoors. To escape the 99° F (37°C) heat, we ventured up to Mount Lemmon where it is always 20° cooler. Plus, we thought it would be a nice to take our “nephew” Rocco on a mini-adventure since we were watching him for the weekend.

The Catalina Highway, which runs through Mount Lemmon, was recently designated as the Sky Island Parkway. Sky islands are “mountains that are isolated by surrounding lowlands of a dramatically different environment”. Basically if you get lost in the Santa Catalina’s, you will want to travel up because that’s where all the life is. At least, according to Bear Grylls. He did an episode in Arizona’s Sky Islands (Season 6, Episode 1 Arizona Sky Islands).

Catalina Highway cutting through Mount Lemmon, Sky Islands, Tucson, AZ
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Pima Canyon Trail Hike

Last year under one of the brightest full moons, a group of us hiked the Pima Canyon Trail.  While it was fairly bright, the dark shadows that were cast everywhere were a little spooky.  On Sunday, we decided to do this hike again (during the day this time) since it’s fairly close.

Pima Canyon Trail bridge, Tucson, Arizona
Near the trail head, the trip starts by taking you under a bridge.

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